K̲aax̱ul Naay

Photo of softcover book Kaaxul Naay

Last summer I had the honour to be a small part of a great program to record and recover the Haida language in Haida Gwaii. The Skidegate Haida Immersion Program is creating a large number of small books, each focusing on a specific part of the language and culture. Each book has a story with text in Haida, with an enclosed CD of an elder speaking the book’s text.

Small images of all of the pages of the book

In my case, I was assigned The Bathroom, or as it’s said in Haida, K̲aax̱ul Naay. I created 18 images in ink, watercolour and coloured pencil, then add the Haida text word balloons digitally.

An image of an adult grizzly bear in clothes handing a roll of toilet paper to a young bear under the door of a public toilet stall

It was a lot of fun!

All of the original paintings on a drawing table

The Cow-Moon Trilogy

Recently, I got a chance to revisit an older piece of mine in the best possible by creating two more finishing off a trilogy!

The original illustration :

Cow with Rocket strapped on, holding a lit map, with basic plans and a large moon overhead
To the Moon!, aka Holstein Hoist

And now, the continuing exploration of the relationship between the bovine and lunar:

Sinisterly happy cow holds sceptre as laser beam behind cracks open the moon in the sky
The Future is Cow!, aka Red Angus Attack

Large black cow in leather with sword on back stand in a wasteland, with shattered moon in sky.
Post-Apocalypse Cow, aka Highland Horror